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Views Bulk Operations beta release


Views Bulk OperationsViews bulk operations is ready for some beta testers.

It is essentially the admin nodes page on steroids. It enables you to perform node operations as well as actions from a custom view.

Book Access module


Drupal books are a great way to organize content. Unfortunately, there is no way to control access to individual books by default. Like default forums, it's all or nothing.

The Book Access module adds the ability to set view, edit and delete access control for individual books and all pages therein.  

This module has no official release as it needs to be tested. The development snapshot is ready for testing though.

Southern California Fires 2007

Updated at: Tue Oct 23 13:30:28 2007

I'm finding it oddly difficult to find updated information on the current fires in San Diego . I'm going to post some of the more useful resources I find here. I may or may not be updating this page as I gather more resources.

Restricting access to nodes per user

Problem: I want to be able to restrict access to nodes on a per-user basis (NOT per role).

There are currently many solutions for restricting access based on user roles, but what if you have a group of users who share the same role (say Authenticated User) but want to restrict their access to nodes on a per user basis?

Big Time Scaling


This is a very insightful article on MediaTemple's efforts to build one of the first massive web hosting grid: Anatomy of MySQL on the GRID

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